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Sweet Lab: The Sweetest Desserts in Las Vegas Just Got Even Sweeter with their 3rd Location!

Updated: Mar 27

Spring is here and so is Sweet Lab's 3rd location! Adapt CRE is so happy to be a part of the growing success of this local small business! Sweet Lab, a California-based company, spread its wings and flew into Las Vegas with dedication and perseverance. They dreamed of opening a drive-thru location and spent countless months searching for the right spot for their Las Vegas sweet desserts. We were able to secure a high-traffic area beaming with life on busy West Charleston Blvd in the Festival Plaza shopping center. They are conveniently located next to a ramen bar that compliments their business nicely. Positioned directly across from the community college is sure to bring them high foot traffic.

So what sets them apart? Well, I had the pleasure of visiting during their soft opening. I must say, not only was my Thai tea with boba super delicious, but the music and minimalistic vibe kept me hanging around for a little longer than originally planned. During my little stay, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of traffic coming in, including the drive-thru, and hearing people say that they've been waiting for Sweet Lab to open. Check them out and see what sets them apart!

Are you having trouble finding the perfect space for your business? Don't worry! We can help you with that. We specialize in discovering the hidden gems of the local area and matching them with the right businesses. If you're struggling to find the ideal spot, just give us a shout and we'll make sure you find it!



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